Readers rate Mayor Paulino’s first six months as excellent


Mayor Rolen Paulino chats with girls at the Rizal Triangle during the Olongapo City Fiesta celebration last December, 2013.(Photo from Paulino’s Facebook timeline)

Olongapo City — More than 53% of the Subic readers gave City mayor Rolen Paulino an excellent rating in a recently concluded survey on his first six months in office.

The 15-day survey conducted last December collected 741 valid responses from a total of 927 replies with 390 readers giving a rating of excellent, 149 noting his performance as average, 140 as poor and 60 as below average.

“This survey was done to get a feel of the readers of the website who are also either residents of Olongapo or are very interested in the developments in the city,” John Bayarong, editor of the news website, explained.

This is the first time that readers and residents of the city were given a chance to rate their chief executive in a public manner, so many tried to influence the result, the Subic noted.

One hundred and eighty six (186) votes nullified because they were repeat votes. The most number of repeat votes by a single internet protocol address (IP address) was five. Of the total number of repeat votes, 35% were for a poor rating, 35% for excellent rating, 20 were for average rating, and 15% were for below average rating.

“The polling program we used sets aside repeat votes from a single IP address. We did not want interested parties to influence the rating,” Bayarong said.

Put together, around 72% viewed Mayor Paulino’s first six months in office positively, while the 28% had negative rating.

“We are taking on the challenge of the current administration’s promise of transparency and good governance by providing a venue where residents and those who have interests in the city to give direct feedback. This is the only way for the current officials to truly know the sentiments of the people,” the Subic statement said. (30)

One Response to Readers rate Mayor Paulino’s first six months as excellent

  1. Jay January 31, 2014 at 2:52 am

    Good work Mayor Rolen.
    Please keep your promises.
    Be different from the Gordons.
    Thank you and God bless you and your family.


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